Why should I choose BitLead?

BitLead provides value at every stage of Business growth. Whether moving from infancy to replicating results or from a proven model to scaling a team, every stage presents opportunities and challenges, all of which can be empowered and measured within the BitLead platform.

New Business Owner

As a new Business Owner, driving awareness, building community and managing new customers is a lot to take on as you shape your business model and establish proof of concept. Let BitLead help you manage your marketing spend responsibly, communicate with new customers, assist with customer retention and track performance of metrics that matter.

We’re a Team

A business with two or three stakeholders and/or managing employees.
You may have co-founders at the helm, or key employees that have proven to be an integral part of the operation. Now that your business has taken shape, you should have a customer base that is recurring. Unique user profiles will provide a better understanding of the inputted data, while reviews will provide insight to the customer experiences being delivered by different operators.

Staying Steady

You have grown beyond a small group and evolving to a Team of 4 -7 employees. What you’re doing is proving effective, so now it’s time to replicate those results and not lose traction. As you add team members, keeping a handle on controls becomes a challenge. By utilizing call tracking and user profile inputs, a Business Owner is able to ensure consistency of the brand message and understand all points in which it’s being communicated. 

Time To Scale

Business is good, culture is great, concept is proven and you are now growing beyond 10+ employees.
Scaling your business will come with more attention to the sales funnel as well as more employees helping to deliver services. You are likely working multiple shifts or multiple locations, where the owners and managers must begin delegating managerial tasks and responsibilities.
As you strive to keep momentum and accelerate your expansion, it’s time to highlight key employees and best practices. Growth will not sustain itself and you are going to need training, to prevent burnout and turnover. You have to create benchmarks and best practices of key employees. Use BitLead’s robust performance dashboard to build these case studies with full optics.

Custom, please.

Either your business had grown to a point where you need special care, or you have graduated through the BitLead levels to a point of loving its customization. This is where the magic happens and the building begins. Allow us to shape your interface, your data points, the metrics you’re measuring and every other variable you can think of to propel your business beyond the stratosphere and limits you know.

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