Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through some our FAQs to learn more about how BitLead can work for you. 

What Are People Asking Us?

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How are you getting those leads?

BitLead stays current with the best practices and updates in how search engines are functioning. We are not reinventing the wheel, however have a proprietary process that enables us to work with economies of scale, leverage marketing intel/insight, that would take you months to discover and learn. 

How does a lead change to a customer in my CRM?

Leads are presented so that your team can action and progress customer care. Once converted, they becomes customers that you manage and grow.

How does BitLead help me convert a lead?

Our platform is completely customizable, allowing you to set the frequency of notifications, schedules and ideal workflows, that you know work best for your business. The goal of our modules is to help progress leads quicker. 

Can I filter my leads?

BitLead allows you to customize criteria that allows you to set-up and search your database for the best way that works for your business. 

Am I able to revise or edit a current campaign?

Campaigns are built providing you full customization ability. For larger teams, you are able to set-up approval stages. Once a campaign is published, it is LIVE, at which you will need to stop it and create a new one. 

If I make a change or stop a campaign, how long before I can see that change?

Whether publishing, pausing or stopping a campaign, everything works in real-time. 

I currently use another appointment scheduler/CRM, can I still use BitLead?

BitLead has been designed to be an all-in-one suite of services. However, we recognize that our clients may have existing systems or processes in place. BitLead offers the ability to integrate with external data.* Most popular software provides integration ability, however, if you have a special request, you can bring that forward to our development team. 

*additional charges may apply

Can I pre-load my account or pay monthly?

BitLead’s suite of services run on subscriptions, on which you will be billed monthly, based on the package you selected. Your budget that drives campaigns dollars is pre-loaded, as your activity works against its balance. The funds in your account, as well as your spend activity, is always presented through easy to understand reports. 

What if I want to change my plan or add features?

BitLead’s mission is to help our clients scale their business. As with any evolving business, we understand that needs change. The ability to customize, add, or change the modules you are using as well, as well as adding members on your team, are very easy to do through your dashboard. 

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