What is BitLead?

BitLead was built as a suite of services to provide business owners and managers the tools to help scale and reach their next milestone, at every stage of their growth.

Lead Generation

The importance of filling the sales funnel and the inefficiencies of spend that go into lead generation efforts proves frustrating for many Owners & Managers. BitLead provides a turn-key solution that helps take the guesswork, risk, and resources out of the SEO & SEM management. This allows businesses to target their key products and services.

Open Marketplace

BitLead is an open marketplace that enables Business Owners & Managers to bid in an auction-like environment on services, keywords, and targets that are of most interest to them. This ensures that marketing spend is best allocated, costs are related to local efforts and targeting is a direct reflection of the market & competitive landscape in real-time.

Customized Suite of Services

We understand that no two businesses are alike. Whether it be variance in target market, services, budgets or team members, BitLead allows for creating a unique solution to meet your needs. A user-friendly and customizable interface allows Business Owners to toggle modules, enable features, and measure what is most important to scaling their business.

Performance Dashboard

Whether you are committed to diving deep into the analytics or just want to monitor top-line metrics, BitLead helps Business Owners & Managers build a dashboard that satisfies their preferences. Measuring expected targets and goals through customized variables of personnel and inputs, BitLead will ensure your data works for you.
In a robust configuration, user profiles and enterprise solutions allow Business Owners to highlight key drivers and excelling team members. Create a visual toolbox that helps you measure and monitor key performance indicators to drive and strengthen your business.

Turnkey Solutions

At every stage of a growing business, there is always another set of opportunities to tackle and challenges to overcome. Embracing technology and the digital age every business finds themselves in, don’t have the intricacies of the digital space slow you down. Free up your time from having to build campaigns and reports needed to understand your marketing spend and rather adopt the turnkey solution of BitLead.

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