A Suite of Services
for every stage of your Business

BitLead aims to be a robust toolbox that any business owner or manager can leverage, at any stage of their business. With a focus on helping businesses scale and achieve the next level of growth, our clients utilize a user-friendly interface and the ability to customize which modules are most relevant to the demands of their evolving business.

Lead Generation

With the daily demands of running your business, BitLead aims to help you take the guesswork out of building SEM campaigns.
We provide a streamlined, easy to use, platform to help shape lead generation strategies and targeting by understanding who is coming to your website and managing the metrics that are important to business growth.
Attracting and working these new leads through your sales funnel has never been easier, as you focus on delivering a memorable customer journey.


Appointment Scheduling

With the leads flowing inwards, it’s time to turn those interested prospects into paying customers. Keep your business organized and ensure that your customer experience is ready to provide that WOW factor from start to finish. BitLead provides you an opportunity to neatly manage your appointments, eliminating the need for manual management. 


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

With initial meetings, consultations, bookings and a new customer bought into your offering, ensure that all data points are captured. This is the first step to connecting your marketing spend through to your growing customer base.
BitLead’s robust suite of services build from here to empower business owners and managers to leverage these data points to truly tell the story of where Business is headed. Promotions, messaging, segmentation and customer outreach will all drive from your CRM.

Reputation Management

Following your Customers’ first experience, encourage them to leave reviews and share sentiment for others to see. BitLead provides the ability to view all of your reviews from a variety of sources, making it easy to know what customers are saying about you.
As your business grows, the ability to view customer reviews enables you to identify areas requiring attention and reward those who are delivering on your brand promise.

Customer Retention

It is 10x more expensive to find a new client than to keep an existing one. As a result, BitLead provides you the tools to ensure that you are in close communication with your existing customer base, reducing the efforts in pursuing them to revisit or losing them to competitors. With features such as segmentation and working alongside other modules, you can drill down to customized messaging and unique experiences that will have your audience’s attention and have them eager to return.

Community Building

With new leads coming in, positive reviews taking place, customer retention showing repeat business, your community is really starting to take shape. BitLead helps you nurture that community, whether through focussed efforts or automation. 

Call Tracking

Enhance your customer service with the ability to monitor client engagement and customer touch points. Listen for pain points that your business needs to  solve, or celebrate positive feedback that comes in.
As your business grows, so will your team. The call tracking module is a great resource for training, highlighting best practices, and ensuring consistency in delivering your brand messaging. Protect your customer experience with this feature that many advanced BitLead users will utilize.

Loyalty Programs

With many other BitLead modules in place, take your experience to the next level by introducing Loyalty Programs to your audience. Use our platform to set benchmarks as you customize loyalty programs and customer journey milestones, tracking, and identifying your top clients.
This module will help fuel our most advanced BitLead users to propel their businesses, thus accelerating their growth.

Performance Dashboard

The power behind BitLead’s offering, the reason for the data entry and finalizing the journey is seeing all of your achievements and hard work displayed in power metrics. The ability to customize your dashboard, to shape your business and measure what’s most important will help separate the average business to those who excel. Create and build a visual toolbox that helps you measure and monitor key performance indicators that drive and strengthen your business to reach your next milestone!